Infrastructure as Code

Apply Development Practices to Efficiently Manage Infrastructure

While software development practices have changed a lot during the last several years, many operations practices have not. Many IT teams still rely on a combination of manual configurations, custom scripts, golden images or outdated tools to manage infrastructure, leading to slower deployments and too many errors.

New Approach To Managing Infrastructure

Manage Puppet CodeThat’s where infrastructure as code with automation comes in. By describing your infrastructure as code, your configurations can be consistently repeated, tested, shared and promoted across your entire environment, providing the building blocks for a continuous delivery pipeline.

At Puppet Labs, we pioneered a declarative approach to managing infrastructure as code. Our software lets you simply define the desired state of your infrastructure and what you want it to do, and then we go to work to automatically enforce that desired state and remediate any unexpected changes. This approach helps you move faster with greater reliability by eliminating the need to write procedural scripts to map out each step of the process to set configurations.

A Foundation for DevOps

Infrastructure as code serves as a necessary prerequisite for common DevOps best practices such as version control, code review and continuous delivery, to ensure speedy and reliable deployments.

By enabling executable documentation, configurations are expressed through flat text files and can easily be checked into a version control system. With a human-readable language that anyone across the organization understands, code changes can be submitted and reviewed by anyone to enable peer review and better collaboration across development and operations teams.

Gain Visibility Across Your Infrastructure

Visibility across your infrastructureRelying on manual configurations or custom scripts alone often leaves no way to report on the state of infrastructure and changes that occur. By enabling you to manage your infrastructure as code, Puppet Enterprise provides clear audit trails with detailed, accurate reports on the state of infrastructure and changes that occur, making it easy to understand who changed what and when, as well as differentiate planned versus unplanned changes. With Puppet Enterprise, you can also test any planned changes before they occur in production in order to measure their impact.