Soul Searching

Life for me has been a soul-searching journey
Only without a map
And through the years I
have come to see
That some people will look at me
And see damaged goods
Whilst a special few
Will see the rare beauty inside worth fighting for
And those are the ones I treasure the most.
Some bridges awaken my soul
And give it wings
But with time I have perfected the art
Of not hesitating
To burn the ones that leave me feeling impoverish
And build walls in their place.
Betrayal comes in many forms
But denying your own feelings
And the person that you are Is the ultimate betrayal of self.
I’ve learnt to accept the things I can not change
So the sadness doesn’t drown me.
After all,
Don’t they say that the door to happiness
Opens from the inside out?

From one of the best minds I know: