Untitled 01: 2017 EOL


Interesting year, yes? Many would agree.

Personally, its been interesting to say the least. For the better part of the year, not a single day has passed without me thinking of this post.

Tides and waves are always expected in life. It’s essentially the core of life. It’s what ‘defines’ who we are. I beg to differ on this line of thinking. In many ways circumstances ‘define’ a person in different aspects. What’s portrayed on the outside might not always be the reality.

In such times, I’ve had to ask myself what is really important? Truth be told, I’ve failed enough times on this but again, part of life. What you choose to do with the situation you are in then becomes the defining factor.

Being an introvert, everything is doubled weighted. The slightest of provocation creates a cloud of questions and endless thoughts. It can get dark here.

I guess what I’m trying to say is, be you.

I’ve spent most of my time being someone else, I lost track of myself, family, and more important things. Time to change that.

By change, i don’t mean immersing myself in the same pool I did. It’s going to be some fun times ahead, loads of disappointments, unhappy faces but we move on…